My mind may seem
as if it’s far from breaking
I’ve seen it in a dream
I don’t need any saving

yet I feel
there’s more to this reverie
so I try to steal
a moment of clarity

but does it really matter?
will I ever win?
for these moments merely flatter
the ego to believe in

the answers that I seek
often, through memories
but the past only speaks
of all the remedies

that reality could provide
when I was in my prime
so I look to confide
in the tyranny of time

and often, you would find
me staring at the rear view mirror
the one inside my mind
that helps me steer

through indifferent conversations
where I’d choose to pretend
that these evergreen experiences
help me defend

against the malice of my memories
and the pretence of my peers
so I stand at the brink of insanity
holding onto my fears

and that is when I feel
my mind is breaking
I don’t need a dream
to tell me I need saving



Through my smokey eyes
I watched you go
fading into the darkness
Another afterglow

I could see your silhouette
as it serenaded me in the silence
you seemed a bit hazy
perhaps it was the neurotic imbalance

or maybe I was just dreaming
perhaps thinking out loud
yet you were still phasing
as I gathered my whereabouts

after my opiate obsessions
came crashing down
it took my observations
onto cleaner grounds

yet, there you were
the silhouette of serenity
like my desire for dopamine
just another illusion of intimacy

So I played time
and receded into sobriety
yet the craving for consciousness
hung in uncertainty

as my depraved mind
kept asking for more
just one more delusion
just another afterglow.

Happiness: A First Person Perspective

I used to be found in times of youth
an emotion uncorrupted 
where my every act, albeit uncouth
came across unscripted

It was during those days
I had no definition
a free spirit that found its ways
not deemed as an emotion

but time, the eternal meddler
it too, found its way
from a baby to a toddler
I slowly began to sway

towards the tangible,
oft between toys and treats
it was only what was visible
that made my heart beat

and from a toddler to a child,
I found myself anew
still free, still wild
but slowly slipping into

the regiment of routine,
and the bustling of boundaries
when creating a scene
no longer ended in revelries

and I found myself attracted
to experiences unknown
as adolescence abducted
my innocence, now forlorn 

and suddenly, I seemed lost
tangled up in uncertainty
it came at the cost
the price of puberty

that is when you,
decided I was a mere guest
a fleeting moment that passed through
only accessible at your best

as a result
my appearances were controlled
something to do with you being an adult
and having no reason to uphold

the childish demeanor
that was flaunted without worry
where once I was eager
where once I wasn’t sorry

for as time had its say,
you slowly understood the feeling
I was never meant to stay
I was merely, a state of being

and so I found my mojo
as old age caught your hand
but how was I to know
that this was your final stand

and so you called upon me,
when life seemed to fade away
you said, “Happiness, I set you free,”
“But I know that you will stay.”

PS: The poem talks about how happiness speaks of itself, throughout the process of life. It has a negative look towards it, speaking about how it gradually diminishes as we grow old, from a toddler to a baby, a baby to a boy, from adolescence to adulthood, till you finally breathe your last. the final paragraph basically talks about how, at the time of death, we remember the good, happy times that we spent, and how in our time of death, we set happiness free, as everyone around is cries, not knowing that happiness/joy, stays, in memory, or through the loves ones you leave behind.

Nostalgia’s Lullaby

Our hands would always intertwine
trying to unravel the stories
from a strenuous time
buried under our worries
About moments and memories
where we would patronize
Our glorious victories
of togetherness, through our lies
But I never really told you
what it meant to me
that we couldn’t see things through
that we ended so abruptly
And given the opportunity
I’d wish for you to stay
just one last memory
that doesn’t end in dismay
If only, you’d stay
I’d offer you one last dance
to the rhythm of a time bomb
slowly ticking away
And perhaps we’d talk
over coffee and cream
and perhaps we’d walk
as we did, towards different dreams
And I guess if we spoke
I’d speak to you about closure
about the times where I woke
feeling pain, fleeing pleasure
But time was rather kind
as it began to design
A melancholic masterpiece
where our hands would always intertwine..

Dead Memories Vol 4.0

Links for the previous volumes in the series.
I twist and turn all night
kept awake by memories
the ones where wrong and right
have no boundaries

my visuals are rather clear
like it was only yesterday
when I wiped away my first tear
when I begged for you to stay,

Kept holding on to your tether
for no good reason
cause like the changing weather
you were just a passing season

so we waged our wars
while you were looking for fresh starts
and you closed your doors
trying to bury these scars

but little did I know
that all that I ever needed
to simply let go
was to hurt and be defeated

I guess we all need somebody to hurt
and you chose me to be
as dead to you
as I’ve been to me.


A child is hungry
but all he’s fed is lies
as all that he can see
is a world that ignores his cries

For he was born into a world
where gunshots were lullabies
often found curled
under desolate skies

He was told it’ll be okay
he’ll be fine and make it out
but the gods to whom he prays
only deepen his doubt

That the world beyond this
do they really care?
why do they ignore his pleas
and stay silent through his nightmare

And what of his friends?
casualties of political games
what can he defend?
when even his toys burst into flames

How can he believe?
when he’s equipped with an innocent stare
against guns and grenades that make him grieve
when all he’s ever known is despair.



The darkness of the night,
where often, I’d sit and wish,
that someday my will to live,
would perhaps perish

the clock carelessly chimed
as I’d try to get through
to the fears I kept hiding,
and the words that could not subdue,

the chaos in my mind,
and the tears in my soul
the solitude that defined
every action I could not control,

so I stayed awake at night,
plotting, pondering, scheming,
and when the curtains came calling
into darkness, I kept receding,

till the morning light shone,
and I embraced it with a sigh
’twas an ode to a sunny day
’twas another chance to bid goodbye.