You sang to me a lullaby
While I was all tucked in
A state of comatose
Father time stood still

You held my cold hands
In search for a twitch
A prayer and a whisper later
Father time stood still

All I hear is the sound of silence
A melodious malady
Your fingers unfurl a tale of violence
A story I cannot see

My beady black eyes
Can see the darkness within
A teardrop snivels down your cheek
I feel the rainfall on my skin

You lay there enveloped in despair
Feeding me with hopeful lies
In this state of comatose
I could see through closed eyes.

Radiowaves of the damned.

Surrounded by these walls
A prisoner in my mind
Caged to your frequencies
Nothing more left to find

Familiar sound of static
Escapes into the darkness
Could I be more erratic
Will I see the end of this

Another day to smother
These channels that do remind
Ive tried not to bother
The demons I left behind

To memories of old and new
Of volumes way too large
Finding a way to subdue
The tears that begin to charge

So I search for myself
Inside the radio waves of the damned
All I find are broken rhythms
Which you and I wished to have planned.


Things are never what they seem
Another one of life’s hypocrisies
All you wish for and all you dream
Letting go of the in-between

Hanging on in limbo
It was all inside your head
Things that you see now
Things you never said

So close , yet so far
Glaring at the dark blue sky
Wish and want at the shooting stars
But even demons can fly

The avarice of time
Vivifying moments best left to decay
Rush of blood through these rhymes
A drop of ink in my veins

Echoes in my mind
Reminding me of a decadent scheme
All along I’ve been trying to find
A spark of life in this broken realm.


Cover me whole
Moonlights got me bleeding
Seeping through my soul
A beautiful awakening

The stars align ,
Constellations shine ,
Worlds intertwine ,
The perfect parallel..

Never felt so alive
As memories do amass..
As the tides of time treacherously trespass.
The thresholds where despair would thrive..

A vicious vortex of virulent veracity..
Where everything dies..
Another layer of conformity..
The light behind your lies..

Here and now , the other realm..
Where nothing stands on ceremony..
In your mind , another dream..
How long till you find your infinity.

Demolition Lovers

He loved , she dared..
Entangled in their history..
However much they cared..
Together was not their story..

He burns his cigarettes ,
She writes her texts ,
All she has are a few alphabets,
Tears write up the rest..

He befriended seclusion..
While she built her facades..
Her memories , his absolution ,
Another shout out to god..

He burnt his bridges , She built her walls..
And hence began their cold war..
“Happy birthdays” were their only calls..
“If onlys” , their only rapport..

They were demolition lovers..
Destroying each other in their eternity..
They were shrapnelproof..
Blown apart by their grenades of infinity..


Follow you into the chasm..
Of words unspoken and crass..
Another game of charades you play..
Enveloped by your walls of glass..

Plastic promises and plans ,
Gripped by the claws of apathy..
Kiting my desire for more..
Blinded by bouts of insanity..

The end of the beginning ,
Where everything feels like infinity ,
A freakshow with no viewers..
Life as its meant to be..

Forever lost in the breeze of reality..
Trying to vivify memories..
All that it left was a disasterpiece..
Of scars and moments never meant to be.


I’ve set myself on fire
Your memories are the flames
Im stuck inside your wires
And all your pretty claims

The embers are burning bright
As reality tries to douse
My spirits fuel my desire
Its another one of those nights

I could see you hold my hand
While I pushed you away
Held me high , helped me stand
While I led myself astray

And my quest for peace
And your trident of truth
Down on my knees
Wasting away my youth

So I wash away my tears
In the sea of bitter
And I know its been years
Will we ever get any better