Now we get the feeling ,
Its time to start from scratch ,
Never stopped believing ,
We could get through this patch ,

Is this the outline ,
For a world I see so far ,
A friend I could call mine ,
If im here or with the stars ,

Are you tragedy ,
A different kind of pain ,
Are you misery ,
Its all one and the same ,

Could you be my angel ,
Watch me when I fall ,
Could you be my devil ,
Catch me when I crawl ,

Am I the ending ,
For a different kind of you ,
The beginning ,
I wish I had a clue ,

Now its over , let it go ,
Everyday, a new show ,
A memory that now sings ,
Of goodbyes , and all the small things. 




Your just a sad song ,
Thats stuck on replay,
Its been quite long ,
And now you’ve chosen your way

So when you hear my voice ,
I hope you walk away ,
Cause theres nothing really left to say,
So let it all go today

You were tragedy , with a capital T ,
If only you could make an effort to see,
That while you ripped it all through ,
You were never really meant for me

If I could feel a little empathy ,
Would you come here and rescue me ,
Or would you stay back ,
And send me your sympathy ,

So drown out all these voices ,
And play your games in my head ,
Remind me of my choices ,
And ones I could’ve made instead ,

Your just a sad song ,
Thats just stuck on repeat ,
And now its been so long ,
I guess its time to delete..



A senseless obsession ,
To erase all I desire ,
Glaring revelations ,
Am I the only liar?

Craving for decadence ,
While I formulate a scheme ,
Searching for acceptance ,
In a long forgotten realm ,

A solemn night in june ,
I heard a little sigh ,
What I thought was a different tune ,
Was just another lie

Play with my fear ,
Cover me in pain ,
I know your nowhere near ,
Yet I hear you say my name ,

Fighting for a notion ,
Is it worth a liaison ,
Searching for emotions ,
On a sinking horizon.



A world so hollow ,
Seemingly high and dry ,
Caught in your halo ,
Trying to say goodbye ,

Held out my hand ,
Watched you slip away,
For all of your plans ,
You never meant to stay ,

Tighten the noose ,
Choke upon a tear,
Nothing left to lose ,
Drowning in the sea of fear ,

Seek my attention ,
Distract me with my flaws ,
Build up a little tension ,
Hide inside your walls ,

Find what you love ,
And let it pull you through ,
For when push comes to shove ,
Il be there to catch you.



Fade away , my lonely friend ,
Come again , make it end ,
A world in which I pretend  ,
To be more then something ,

Shards of time are cutting through ,
They leave their mark , just like you ,
Different windows , same old panes ,
walking by these empty lanes ,

I found myself , lost and low ,
Tried my best to let you go ,
So caught up in my disguise ,
Even the mirror couldn’t recognize

So lets break the wall of glass
Cause nothing ever seems to last ,
Make the climb , feel the heat ,
And when you smile , press repeat ,

Shades of black , now turn to grey ,
A little life in me today ,
For all the times you put up a fight ,
You finally see a better tonight



All his life , he’s been a broken dream ,
Not a word , only a silent scream ,
That went unheard , now he feels complete ,
a simple tone , just a different beat..

And then she appeared ,
Broke him down and disappeared ,
He searched for you , and then searched for me ,
And what he found , he let it be..

Cause he was 17 , blind in her desire ,
Like the sun , a static fire ,
A result of a twisted empire ,
Filled with lovers and forgotten liars ,

And then there was the truth ,
A lie he knew, since his youth ,
The world and all his different views ,
He had nothing more left to lose ,

He shut his eyes, saw a different dawn
A place he hopes he could belong ,
He sees the streets burning bright ,
But looking up , there is no light ..

Now he fights his own silent war,
Not knowing what is worth fighting for ,
He wanted love , a fatal experience ,
His only love is now a consequence..


Living got me this far ,
While hope was just a sin ,
Hurting helped me through ,
but still I let you in ,

Desire was a curse,
A gift inside my head ,
Wounds im left to nurse ,
And words left unsaid ,

Run me through like fire,
Burn me like a flame ,
Its just the way im wired,
Il always be the same

Tame the beast inside ,
While im convinced its all right  ,
Let my worlds collide ,
Its just another fight ,

How long till you see,
Youll never find a friend ,
You can walk beside me
While we both just pretend..