All his life , he’s been a broken dream ,
Not a word , only a silent scream ,
That went unheard , now he feels complete ,
a simple tone , just a different beat..

And then she appeared ,
Broke him down and disappeared ,
He searched for you , and then searched for me ,
And what he found , he let it be..

Cause he was 17 , blind in her desire ,
Like the sun , a static fire ,
A result of a twisted empire ,
Filled with lovers and forgotten liars ,

And then there was the truth ,
A lie he knew, since his youth ,
The world and all his different views ,
He had nothing more left to lose ,

He shut his eyes, saw a different dawn
A place he hopes he could belong ,
He sees the streets burning bright ,
But looking up , there is no light ..

Now he fights his own silent war,
Not knowing what is worth fighting for ,
He wanted love , a fatal experience ,
His only love is now a consequence..


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