Search and destroy.

He looks up at the sky , wondering ,
Where is this god that you hold so high..
He looks around for a sign of reckoning..
Emptyness , his only ally..

Felt the need for wanting more ,
Never satisfied with whats left behind..
A raging desire to settle his score..
With a god he cannot find..

He scours the land in search of insanity ,
While he lives on in his dreams..
A mind so plagued with reality..
If only god ever heard his screams..

So now he walks on in trepidation..
A silent marauder with no soul in sight..
The only one with expectations ,
That a god will stand and fight..

So lost in his search for the nevermore..
A memory stuck in his head..
A silent creak as she opens the door..
A god stands in his stead..


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