Dead memories.

Surrounded by dead memories..
Watched the world decay..
Searching for remedies..
While you played it your way..

Crimson webs of hate..
Woven inside these veins..
A desire to satiate..
A life that you feign..

A distant drummer plays on repeat..
A tune only you can hear..
She strikes a melody oh so sweet..
How much more can you endure..

Another day rises ,
Another night fades ,
Enveloped in disguises ,
Trapped inside your maze ,

And yet here you are ,
Crawling in my mind..
The clown of fear..
With memories that bind..

Leper with a dream.

He was a leper with a dream ,
Of whores and harlots ,
In a distant realm..

He had plans of the good life ,
Of bright lights and big cities,
The world at the edge of his knife..

He was queer , yet opiniated ,
Divided by his demons ,
A somber heretic..

He dreamt all day , of wants and needs ,
Never moved a muscle ,
An empty soul with nothing to feed ,

And he hopes for more ,
A stranger in a strange land..
Lost and washed ashore..

And nothing was left to hurt ,
A broken whisper ,
Building his empire of dirt..

From the shards of a dream ,
To the twist of his fantasy ,
God smoking a sunbeam ,
To him , was reality.


I saw her smile as I woke up today
She whispered in my ear “let’s run away”
I told her that we had no place to go..
She said “hold my hand while we run through the snow”..

I held her hand , as I closed in,
Her brown eyes , my rough skin..
She held her breath as our lips caressed..
Feelings that we could never suppress..

She had her demons , I had my hell..
She always had a story to tell..
On and on , her words mesmerized..
Her every syllable left me paralyzed..

As and when , then and now ,
The questions , the answers , the what and the how..
The castle of glass had begun to crack..
The blue skies were slowly turning black..

Her words spoke of love , her eyes of misery..
Her whispers faded , they weren’t meant for me..
Somewhere , somehow , we both knew..
the time had arrived , to bid adieu..

So for one last time , she told me a story..
She spoke of a boy she loved dearly..
She said he was like none other..
Her words spoke of love..her eyes..of another..