I and You.

It was you , and it was me ,
Through it all , suddenly ,
Came a time when we had no clue ,
Took our time to bid adeu..

Fed my demons which I feared ,
Held me high , then disappeared ,
When I fell ,you took your turn ,
Watched your fires in which I burned..

Stole my dreams , faded away ,
Never really meant to stay ,
Touched my face , forced to feel..
Living a life that was surreal

Built me up , to break me down ,
A throne of thorns , torturous crown ,
A life left to live unceremoniously ,
For all our endeavors , never meant to be.



You’re Wrong: an F.A.Q.

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Q. Am I really wrong?


Q. Are you sure?


Q. Can you prove that I’m wrong?

Yes, but, you’ll have to agree in advance what proof looks like, otherwise you could just move the goalposts after the game.

Q. How come I have so much evidence that I’m right?

That’s confirmation bias. Your brain carefully files away all the reasons you might be right, and disregards all the reasons you might be wrong.

Q. How come so many people agree with me?

They’re wrong too.

Q. They can’t all be wrong, can they?

Most people are wrong about most things most of the time. If there’s one remarkable discovery to be made in the study of science, religion and philosophy, it’s that being wrong about almost everything does people so little harm. The fact that every scientific discovery since the stone age has only doubled our life expectancy…

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Call upon a smile when you frown ,
Is this where I come in ,
Hold you high as you throw me down ,
Where do I begin..

Cold hands and a cold touch,
You’ve been running from your friend ,
How long you gonna hold that grudge ,
Is this where I pretend,

Hating me wont dissolve, 
All those illusions in your mind ,
So blinded by those you involve
Is this where I find ,

Questions that I answer,
That left a hole in my heart,
Spreading like a cancer
Is this where I fall apart ,

Feed the void with nothing ,
A blatant lie is what you are ,
So close to being something ,
And yet , so far..

From all that ever mattered ,
You chose to stand and shine  ,
The fight inside had shattered ,
Yet you seemed sublime ,


You walked away in silence ,
Nothing to show for your fight ,
Giving into the violence ,
Darkness beckons tonight..

A time when you stood tall ,
Within the enigma of love ,
And now after it all ,
You wish to rise above ,

She was the prize you could not win,
The sunlight that never blinded ,
Her black eyes on your skin ,
Her voice that always guided ,

To better places and happier lives ,
You learnt to let go ,
For the suffering that you endured ,
Her happiness began to show,

So you let it all divide ,
A memento of days you cannot recover,
Now all you do is try and hide ,
The scars of a silent lover.


Time steals and takes away..
Everything that you are..
Broken mirrors and empty hallways..
My own reflection leaves a scar..

Appreciation was just a word ,
I could never see things straight ,
Normal just felt so absurd ,
While emotions began to evaporate..

The agony of ecstasy ,
The plays of fate.. ,
I am my own enemy ,
I am the one I hate..

Love is a motion abandoned ,
A function that’s so fragile ,
I am not what you envisioned ,
Its been a while..

So tell me what is it that I can be ,
Im trying hard , and yet rendered obsolete ,
I tell myself il get through this lie that ive become ,
Slowly and steadily , coming undone.



Burning desire ,
Breathing life ,
Need for the hour
The breath of lies

Alone and alive
5 minutes of solace
Back to the grind
Another one beckons

At the wrong end of caring
The one that does bother
The heart craves for beating
The mind for the fervor

So another one bites the dust
The ashes of misery
It was all about lust
The lust for reality



It was the 21st of october , 1993..
You held me in your palms , a little baby ,
A month later you took me away ,
A baby on a plane to Dubai..

Mama , you’ve seen it all ,
The good , the bad , the ugly ,
I know many a times we’ve hit a wall..
But theres a lot more I wish for you to see..

Mama , you’ve always been so strong ,
Taught me the fine line between right and wrong ,
You’ve always shown me the way ,
When the world led me astray..

Mama , I may not tell you much ,
But thats just the way im wired ,
With all of my antics , you never grew tired ,
And there are no two ways to it..

Mama , I just want to tell you ,
I love you way more then I could ever express ,
Ive hurt you in many different ways ,
Some way too hard to digest ,

But mama , il make it up to you someday ,
And mama , il make you proud ,
I know not how , and I know not when ,
But I will find a way..

Mama , if only you could read this ,
You’d know I wish to be better..
Lie down and cry in your lap..
For all the years I didnt bother.