Another night I sit up and stare..
The clock ticks on , its five am..
And I sit here , just a silhouette..
Blowing the dust from times that we met..

And I still sit on and wonder..
Would it matter now if I reach out..
Another 5 am where I ponder..
Why am I so full of doubt..

My body stifles , im on my own ,
Ive woken up sober again..
Chilled right down to the bone..
Another dream where we start again..

So im broken , but im not the only one..
Trudging on slowly , while I come undone..
And I pick up these pieces to throw them away..
Tomorrow seems to call , and I’d wish to obey..

So I crack my shutters..
And my blank stare hits the wall..
I may not be the only one..
But it seems like ive felt it all.

And the shadows recede ,
Dawn settles in ,
Another day to on play on repeat..
The clock chimes on seven..


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