It was the 21st of october , 1993..
You held me in your palms , a little baby ,
A month later you took me away ,
A baby on a plane to Dubai..

Mama , you’ve seen it all ,
The good , the bad , the ugly ,
I know many a times we’ve hit a wall..
But theres a lot more I wish for you to see..

Mama , you’ve always been so strong ,
Taught me the fine line between right and wrong ,
You’ve always shown me the way ,
When the world led me astray..

Mama , I may not tell you much ,
But thats just the way im wired ,
With all of my antics , you never grew tired ,
And there are no two ways to it..

Mama , I just want to tell you ,
I love you way more then I could ever express ,
Ive hurt you in many different ways ,
Some way too hard to digest ,

But mama , il make it up to you someday ,
And mama , il make you proud ,
I know not how , and I know not when ,
But I will find a way..

Mama , if only you could read this ,
You’d know I wish to be better..
Lie down and cry in your lap..
For all the years I didnt bother.



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