So you chose to run ,
Seems like you couldn’t handle this ,
What was it that you miss?
Could it be that I wasn’t much fun ,

I had no clue ,
You’d chose a different route ,
I still think its cute ,
How you were just too good to be true ,

So its been a while ,
You still drop in on me ,
Dont need your sympathy ,
I guess its just your kind of style ,

Now its just so cold ,
Words really have no impact ,
Guess were done with our final acts,
You held the aces but u chose to fold ,

Now and then I still think about you ,
As our lives are just running through  ,
Was it so hard to chose ,
Or were you just too afraid to lose?


Dead Memories 2.0

Are your thoughts digging deeper
have they broken you this time
do you cringe from all the fear
do you wish that you were blind

All those moments that you cherished,
they seem lost and now forgone
memories have beenĀ rewinded
till our hearts were hard as stone

Could you offer me a whisper
watch as I try to hear it out
your opinions made it clear
it was I who was full of doubt

Now all that’s left are words and letters
of a time that won’t repeat
as I stumble , as I shatter
never felt so incomplete


Ive got this feeling in my head ,
It seems like its here to stay..
Reminds me of all thats left unsaid ,
And how I pushed you away..

It feels so empty , then and now ,
Yet I have no clue , what when , how?
If only there was something more then this..
A world so lost in your abyss..

I thought id seen it all through
ive been here a hundred times before..
So fucking lost in you..
While I search the nevermore..

So I keep on falling,
Wasted inside this void ,
You couldn’t hear me calling ,
But you felt the darkness inside ,

I never quite saw the sunshine ,
But I could feel the heat ,
Your words still echo in my mind ,
Im barely on my feet..

If only I knew tomorrow ,
Is worth all the pain ,
So while I fight through the sorrow..
Hold onto me through this hurricane