Ive got this feeling in my head ,
It seems like its here to stay..
Reminds me of all thats left unsaid ,
And how I pushed you away..

It feels so empty , then and now ,
Yet I have no clue , what when , how?
If only there was something more then this..
A world so lost in your abyss..

I thought id seen it all through
ive been here a hundred times before..
So fucking lost in you..
While I search the nevermore..

So I keep on falling,
Wasted inside this void ,
You couldn’t hear me calling ,
But you felt the darkness inside ,

I never quite saw the sunshine ,
But I could feel the heat ,
Your words still echo in my mind ,
Im barely on my feet..

If only I knew tomorrow ,
Is worth all the pain ,
So while I fight through the sorrow..
Hold onto me through this hurricane



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