Follow you into the chasm..
Of words unspoken and crass..
Another game of charades you play..
Enveloped by your walls of glass..

Plastic promises and plans ,
Gripped by the claws of apathy..
Kiting my desire for more..
Blinded by bouts of insanity..

The end of the beginning ,
Where everything feels like infinity ,
A freakshow with no viewers..
Life as its meant to be..

Forever lost in the breeze of reality..
Trying to vivify memories..
All that it left was a disasterpiece..
Of scars and moments never meant to be.



I’ve set myself on fire
Your memories are the flames
Im stuck inside your wires
And all your pretty claims

The embers are burning bright
As reality tries to douse
My spirits fuel my desire
Its another one of those nights

I could see you hold my hand
While I pushed you away
Held me high , helped me stand
While I led myself astray

And my quest for peace
And your trident of truth
Down on my knees
Wasting away my youth

So I wash away my tears
In the sea of bitter
And I know its been years
Will we ever get any better



Selfish , listless , to a point where I succumb..
The gods seem to be threatening ,
Mother feels im coming undone ,
Prayers are my reckoning ,

So I bend , flexible to a fault ,
Breaking with words so vicious ,
You hear the tears in her voice ,
Oh mama , are your gods that precious?

Now you fall back in your shell ,
Praying and ignoring ,
Apologies are not on sale today ,
I will not be compromising ,

You need to believe ,
I dont need divine resurrection ,
My thoughts drain through a different sieve,
I dont want any godly intervention.


Indecisive till im screaming confidence
Clusterfucked version of a twisted tumor
The stink of serenity ever so intense
Hiding inside my pathetic humor

I fucking let you kill me
With every wretched smile
I want my hate to bury
The villainy of time

Smoking away to endless conversations
Images of you falling through
Crave , curse , cry , im all but denied
A way to fight you

So I turn on my blind sympathy ,
I couldn’t care less ,
My aggression , your disparity
Im feeling my way through this mess

And with every memory that plays
The candles of time burn bright
Never really meant to stay
Just blow me out tonight.