Cover me whole
Moonlights got me bleeding
Seeping through my soul
A beautiful awakening

The stars align ,
Constellations shine ,
Worlds intertwine ,
The perfect parallel..

Never felt so alive
As memories do amass..
As the tides of time treacherously trespass.
The thresholds where despair would thrive..

A vicious vortex of virulent veracity..
Where everything dies..
Another layer of conformity..
The light behind your lies..

Here and now , the other realm..
Where nothing stands on ceremony..
In your mind , another dream..
How long till you find your infinity.


Demolition Lovers

He loved , she dared..
Entangled in their history..
However much they cared..
Together was not their story..

He burns his cigarettes ,
She writes her texts ,
All she has are a few alphabets,
Tears write up the rest..

He befriended seclusion..
While she built her facades..
Her memories , his absolution ,
Another shout out to god..

He burnt his bridges , She built her walls..
And hence began their cold war..
“Happy birthdays” were their only calls..
“If onlys” , their only rapport..

They were demolition lovers..
Destroying each other in their eternity..
They were shrapnelproof..
Blown apart by their grenades of infinity..