Heavily inspired by the song Lazarus by Steven Wilson. The song is about loss and about a mother reaching out to her child from beyond the grave. I attempted to bring forth a version presented from the point of view of the child reaching out to his mother from this realm. It follows a tune similar to the one in the song.
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As a chilling touch,
scrapes my elbow,
I can feel your icy scent
through the morgue,

and then a voice inside my head,
breaks into a monologue,
you say,

Hold me now,
cause I’ll be gone, nevermore,
as my mind is revealing,
all the things I’d never shown,

Your words still lingers,
they help me cope,
for in the darkness of my world,
you were my hope,

So hold me now,
cause I’ll be gone, nevermore,
as my mind is revealing
all the things you’d never know

So hold me now,
cause I’ll be gone, nevermore,
as my mind is revealing
the time lost in woe,

Oh Mother, I’m so sorry,
I could not hold onto you,
my vision seems so blurry,
tears have run through,

(all these years are screaming, as silence now holds onto you)

So hold me now,
cause I’ll be gone, nevermore,
as my soul is revealing,
all the things i let go,

So hold me now,
cause I’ll be gone, nevermore,
as my soul is revealing
the world I let go…





There were many stories to be told
some, i have only smelt
from the pure fragrance of petrichor
to the wintry crisp cold


What was once sand and sea
now lies conquered in concrete
The world you once ravaged 
now lies obsolete


I remember the technicolor gardens
and monochrome meadows, 
all those days spent
around dusty windows


When waiting didn’t last an eternity
only between scarves and sweaters
when the only melody
was the fluttering of letters

For far too long
I missed the crunching of your feet,
the caress of your fingers on webbed walls;
even the ones between two eyes and a heartbeat

Age and time had been alluring,
as I awaited your silhouette
the bucolic sunset faded with regret,
there would be no homecoming.



Selfish , listless , to a point where I succumb..
The gods seem to be threatening ,
Mother feels im coming undone ,
Prayers are my reckoning ,

So I bend , flexible to a fault ,
Breaking with words so vicious ,
You hear the tears in her voice ,
Oh mama , are your gods that precious?

Now you fall back in your shell ,
Praying and ignoring ,
Apologies are not on sale today ,
I will not be compromising ,

You need to believe ,
I dont need divine resurrection ,
My thoughts drain through a different sieve,
I dont want any godly intervention.


It was the 21st of october , 1993..
You held me in your palms , a little baby ,
A month later you took me away ,
A baby on a plane to Dubai..

Mama , you’ve seen it all ,
The good , the bad , the ugly ,
I know many a times we’ve hit a wall..
But theres a lot more I wish for you to see..

Mama , you’ve always been so strong ,
Taught me the fine line between right and wrong ,
You’ve always shown me the way ,
When the world led me astray..

Mama , I may not tell you much ,
But thats just the way im wired ,
With all of my antics , you never grew tired ,
And there are no two ways to it..

Mama , I just want to tell you ,
I love you way more then I could ever express ,
Ive hurt you in many different ways ,
Some way too hard to digest ,

But mama , il make it up to you someday ,
And mama , il make you proud ,
I know not how , and I know not when ,
But I will find a way..

Mama , if only you could read this ,
You’d know I wish to be better..
Lie down and cry in your lap..
For all the years I didnt bother.